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What hypothesis did Rosemary Erlam prove about varying types of instruction in 2005
a) ability to analyze language is most influential in learning a language.
b) working memory ability is most influential in learning a language.
c) learners with greater aptitude are able to learn rules based on input, and can consolidate info without need to produce it
d) none of the above

What does it mean for a learner to have a greater language learning aptitude
a) learner is proficient in analyzing language.
b) learner has a strong working memory.
c) learner shows good balance between language analysis skills and working memory
d) none of the above.

What aspects can be used to predict a learner's success in acquiring a language?
a) motivation to learn a language.
b) experience using the language, or immersion in area where language is spoken.
c) extroversion and willingness to take risks.
d) all of the above.

a) are always positive
b) are always negative
c) one always influences the other
d) none of the above: can be positive or negative and each side can be influenced from an outside factor

Rosemary Erlam proved what hypothesis in 2005, when exploring effectiveness of varying language instruction?
a) explicit rule-based instruction is most beneficial.
b) activities that encourage students to play with language without grammar rules are most beneficial.
c) activities where students use both written and oral language after being exposed to grammar rules are most beneficial.
d) none: learners can determine language rules based on input and can consolidate information without producing language.

Field independent learners differ from field dependent learners how?
a) field independent learners are able to learn larger concepts using specific examples
b) field independent learners rely largely on context and are are only able to learn rules within specific context
c) a. and b.
d) none of the above.

Identity and ethnic group affiliation matters largely to learning success in what way?
a) learners may be more reluctant to speak when in situations with a power imbalance
b) learners' identities often dictate what they can do or how they participate
c) learners' identities change between settings
d) all of the above

Age and second language learning is controversial and complex due to:
a) Methods of acquisition between children and adults differs, therefore age is not ideal characteristic to measure acquisition.
b) younger learners have more time to devote to language learning.
c) older learners have acquired memory strategies and problem-solving skills making them more efficient learners
d) all of the above.

How do learner's beliefs influence language acquisition?
a) some methods of instruction are not as beneficial to learning a second language as they are other curriculum.
b) value of corrective feedback vs. grammar instruction varies
c) there is often a mismatch between student's and teacher's views.
d) all of the above

What factors influence a learner's willingness to communicate?
a) number of people present
b) formality of the circumstances
c) topic of conversation
d) all of the above

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