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9. A _______________zone is a place where a continental and oceanic crust collide.
a) crustal
b) subduction
c) tectonic
d) divergent

11. Mountains formed by magma that reaches the Earth’s surface are_________
a) Volcanic
b) Slip-strike
c) Folded
d) Fault-block

12. The idea that continents looked as though they could fit together like a puzzle is evidence of _______
a) Continental drift
b) Global positioning
c) Magnetic reversal
d) Oceanic drifts

1. The lithosphere floats on a layer of the Earth’s mantle called the ___
a) lithosphere
b) crust
c) mesosphere
d) asthenoshpere

2. The mantle mainly consists of a dense layer called the _________
a) crust
b) lithosphere
c) mesosphere
d) tectonic plates

8. The process of moving layers of rock by heating and cooling under Earth’s surface is known as _________.
a) sea floor spreading
b) plate tectonics
c) convection
d) magnetic reversal

6. What type of boundary is formed when plates separate? ___________
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) stike-slip

7. The process that takes place at mid-ocean ridges is called ____
a) transform
b) convergent
c) convection
d) sea floor spreading

10. The core consist mainly of ___________
a) Iron
b) Silicon
c) Oxygen
d) Magnesium

3. The liquid layer at the Earth’s center is known as the _____________________.
a) inner core
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) crust

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