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A population is best described as
a) a large community composed of one species
b) an interbreeding group of organisms
c) a group of organisms and their environment
d) two or more species structurally related

Homeostasis is the process by which
a) organisms lose control of life functions
b) organisms regulate life functions to remain alive
c) organisms produce waste products
d) plants produce their food

The biosphere includes
a) all life-supporting environments
b) all the organisms that inhabit the environments
c) both a and b are correct
d) neither a nor b is correct

The ecosystem includes
a) only the living things in an area
b) only the non-living environment
c) some living things
d) a community of living things and its physical environment

A community is best described as
a) a group of interbreeding species
b) different populations in an area that interact
c) species that are isolated from each other
d) applying only to humans

A group of organisms of the smae species living in a particular place at a particular time is called
a) an ecosystem
b) a population
c) a community
d) the biosphere

The process required for the continued existence of a species is
a) growth
b) digestion
c) respiration
d) reproduction

A structure within a cell that performs a specific function is called
a) an organelle
b) an organ system
c) a tissue
d) an atom

The smallest units that carry on all the function of life are called
a) organs
b) cells
c) tissues
d) systems

In an experiment, the variable is the condition that is
a) controlled
b) tested
c) verified
d) reproduced

The first step in the scientific method is
a) collecting background information
b) defining the problem
c) stating a hypothesis
d) testing the variable

In a scientific experiment, the control group is the group
a) chosen most carefully
b) exposed to the variable
c) observed under unusual circumstances
d) given no treatment

A hypothesis is best defined as
a) a question
b) an answer
c) a conclusion
d) a test

Facts gathered from a scientific experiment are known as
a) statistics
b) variables
c) data
d) principles

A major difference between organic and inorganic compounds is that
a) inorganic compounds generally do not contain the element carbon
b) inorganic compounds are more complex and larger
c) only organic compounds may be synthesized
d) organic compounds can not be synthesized

Basic units in organic compounds that are repeated over and over can combine to make larger organic molecules that are called
a) polymers
b) nucleotides
c) amino acids
d) monomers

The exchange of materials into and out of a cell occurs through the
a) ribosomes
b) endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
c) nuclear membrane
d) cell membrane

A disaccharide is formed by
a) the joining of 2 monosaccharides
b) the combination of a protein and a sugar
c) the breakdown of cell membranes
d) the hydrolysis of glucose

The basic structure of many lipids is
a) hydrocarbons and nitrogen
b) glycerol and three fatty acids
c) glycerol and three carbohydrates
d) monomers and glycogen

Proteins are
a) the basic source of cellular energy
b) the building blocks of amino acids
c) the building blocks of cells
d) the basic source of genetic information

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