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At 0.500 atm and 15.0ºC a sample of gas occupies 120. L. What volume does it occupy at 0.250 atm and 10.0ºC?
a) 60 L
b) 111 L
c) 236 L
d) 480 L

A mixture of four gases exerts a total pressure of 860 mm Hg. Gases A and B each exert 220 mm Hg. Gas C exerts 110 mm Hg. What pressure is exerted by gas D?
a) 165 mm Hg
b) 310 mm Hg
c) 860 mm Hg
d) 800 mm Hg

If five gases in a cylinder each exert 1 atm, what is the total pressure exerted by the gases?
a) 0.2 atm
b) 0.5 atm
c) 1 atm
d) 5 atm

The standard molar volume of a gas at STP is
a) 22.4 L
b) g/22.4 L.
c) 1 L.
d) 2 L

Calculate the approximate volume of a 0.600 mol sample of gas at 15.0ºC and a pressure of 1.10 atm.
a) 12.9 L
b) 22.4 L
c) 24.6 L
d) 129 L

Calculate the approximate temperature of a 0.50 mol sample of gas at 750 mm Hg and a volume of 12 L.
a) –7ºC
b) 11ºC
c) 15ºC
d) 288ºC

What is the pressure exerted by 1.2 mol of a gas with a temperature of 20.ºC and a volume of 9.5 L?
a) 0.030 atm
b) 1.0 atm
c) 3.0 atm
d) 30. atm

According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter
a) are in constant motion
b) have different shapes
c) have different colors
d) are always fluid.

According to the kinetic-molecular theory, gases condense into liquids because of
a) gravity.
b) atmospheric pressure.
c) forces between molecules
d) elastic collisions

According to the kinetic-molecular theory, which substances are made of particles?
a) ideal gases only
b) all gases
c) all matter
d) all matter except solids

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