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The constant velocity of a falling object when the force of gravity is balanced by air resistance is?
a) terminal velocity
b) free fall
c) orbit
d) projectile motion

The motion of a body when only the force of gravity is acting on the body is ?
a) orbit
b) free fall
c) inertia
d) terminal velocity

An unbalanced force that causes objects to move in a circular path is?
a) orbit
b) projectile motion
c) inertia
d) free fall

The resistance in change of motion is known as?
a) air resistance
b) inertia
c) orbit
d) terminal velocity

The force that opposes the motion of objects through air is?
a) orbit
b) free fall
c) inertia
d) projectile motion

The path of one object around in space is?
a) orbit
b) air resistance
c) free fall
d) inertia

What feature of an object does NOT affect air resistance?
a) its size
b) its shape
c) its chemical properties
d) its weight

Why do astronauts in space appear weightless?
a) They have no mass in space.
b) Air resistance opposes gravity.
c) They are in free fall.
d) They have space suits on.

In what direction is projectile accelerated?
a) both vertically and horizontally
b) vertically upward
c) vertically downward
d) nowhere

As an object falls, the air resistance is continually increasing.
a) True
b) False

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