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What are the three types of volcanoes?
a) Composite/strato-volcano, cinder cone and shield volcano
b) stratis-volcano, cincer cone and armour volcano
c) land volcano, sea cone and shield volcano
d) Mt. St. helens volcano, Mid-atlantic ridge, and Hawiian volcano

Who is the person that discovered the supercontinent?
a) Richardson
b) Hess
c) Wegener
d) Einstein

What type of plate boundary has the plates moving away from each other?
a) subduction
b) convergent
c) divergent
d) transform

If a continentaly plate and an oceanic plate decided to slam into each other (subduction), which one would sink into the mantle? (Hint: think about which one is denser!!!)
a) transform plate
b) oceanic plate
c) continental plate

What type of plate boundary has the two plates sliding past each other?
a) transform
b) subduction
c) convergent
d) divergent

How do scientists learn about the interior (center) of the earth?
a) Beltometers
b) GPS
c) Particulate Array
d) Seismic Waves

Alfred Wegner created theories about continental drift....
a) True
b) False

What were peoples reactions to Wegner's theories about continental drift?
a) They supported it
b) They laughed at him
c) They didn't care
d) Wegner did not support continental drift

Pangea was.....
a) A place in the US.
b) A super continent
c) Your middle name
d) A plate tectonic theory

When 2 plates move apart they form a hurricane?
a) True
b) False

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