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A batter is made up of two or more ________________.
a) generators.
b) electric cells.
c) electromagnetics.
d) voltage.

_________________ produce the electricity that you use in your home and school.
a) Generators
b) Electromagnetics
c) Voltage
d) Solar cells

______________________ change the Sun's energy into electrical energy.
a) Electrical cells
b) Generators
c) Voltage
d) Solar cells

The force that pushes electricity along wires is _______________.
a) generators.
b) electromagnets.
c) voltage.
d) solar cells.

Electricity sets up a magnetic field around ___________________.
a) solar cells.
b) electromagnets.
c) electric cells.
d) generators.

How does a battery create current?
a) Chemical energy changes into energy of motion.
b) Chemical energy changes into electrical energy.
c) Electrical energy changes into chemical energy.
d) Energy of motion changes into electrical energy.

Brownie is a volunteer at a recycling center. Her job is to separate steel cans from aluminum cans. What device might make her job easier?
a) transfromer
b) current detector
c) generator
d) electromagnet

Before Emily plugged in the cord of her study lamp, she noticed the insulation on the cord was worm out. What should she do?
a) Not plug in the cord until it's repaired, or buy a new lamp.
b) Plug in the cord, since she'll only be using the lamp for a short time.
c) Plug the cord into an outlet with a number of other cords plugged in it.
d) Be sure she hold the plug when pulling it from the outlet.

Which of the following comparisons can you use to best explain voltage?
a) fire in a fireplace
b) lemon juice in a glass
c) water in a garden hose
d) a compass needle

If a large electromagnet is used in a junk yard, what happens if the electromagnet is turned off?
a) It becomes magnetic, attracting many materials.
b) It becomes magnetic, dropping many materials.
c) It loses it's magnetism, dropping many materials.
d) It loses it's magnetism, attracting many materials.

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