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What do you call a single, circular DNA found in bacteria?
a) Autosome
b) Plasmid
c) Karyotype
d) DNA polymerase

What do you call a picture of chromosomes arranged in pairs?
a) gel electrophoresis
b) Pedigree
c) Recombinant DNA
d) Karyotype

What is an enzyme that copies DNA?
a) Splicing
b) Restriction enzyme
c) Plasmid
d) DNA polymerase

What do you call a new piece of DNA with both natural and synthetic DNA spliced together?
a) Recombinant DNA
b) Genetic engineering
c) Ligase
d) Autosome

What cuts the DNA into specific sequences of nucleotides?
a) Ligase
b) Restriction enzymes
c) DNA polymerase
d) Scissors

What separates DNA fragments for comparison using a porous gel, electric current and DNA's negative charge?
a) Splicing
b) DNA extraction
c) Genetic engineering
d) Gel electrophoresis

What is it called when homologous chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis?
a) Splicing
b) Nondisjunction
c) Point mutation
d) Genetic engineering

What do you call a chromosome that is not a sex chromosome?
a) Nonsexualsomes
b) Sex chromosomes
c) Autosome
d) DNA extraction

What do you call making changes in the genetic code?
a) Genetic alteration
b) Gel electrophoresis
c) Human genome project
d) Genetic engineering

If I wanted to see how a genetic disorder is inherited, I would use a(n)....
a) Karyotype
b) Agarose gel
c) Pedigree
d) Transgenic organism

If I'm pregnant and want a boy, whose fault is it if I get a girl?
a) Mom
b) Dad
c) Both mom and dad
d) nobody's

A normal human has ___ autosomal pairs.
a) 22
b) 23
c) 44
d) 46

Normal males have an ___ while normal females have an ___.
a) XX, XY
b) XXY, XX
c) XY, X
d) XY, XX

Trisomy 21 in a female is scientifically written as _____.
a) 47, XXX, +21
b) 46, XX, +21
c) 47, XX, -21
d) 47, XX, +21

A male who has an autosomal, chromosome deletion at chromosome 13 would be written
a) 45, XY, +13
b) 45, XY, -13
c) 46, XY, +13
d) 46, XY, -13

A male is represented on a pedigree by a(n) ____.
a) oval
b) circle
c) diamond
d) square

DNA has a ____ charge.
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Neutral

A recessive disease is shown on a pedigree by being ___.
a) Colored in
b) Not colored in
c) Slashed through
d) None of the above

The A's and B's that are found above the capital I's in blood type tell ___.
a) What antibodies the person has on their blood cells.
b) What antigens the person has on their blood cells.
c) What grade that person earned on their biology test.

The Rh factor is a single gene with two alleles for ____.
a) Eye color
b) Height
c) Hair color
d) Blood type

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