Magnetism And Electricity Question Preview (ID: 17749)

2nd Quarter.

A temporary magnet created using electric current is called a(n)
a) electromagnet
b) insulator
c) iron
d) compass

Which statement best describes the poles of a magnet
a) like poles repel
b) poles have no effect on each other
c) like poles attract
d) unlike poles repel

Two magnets have like poles facing each other. What will happen when these two magnets are placed near each other?
a) They will spin in a circle
b) They will remain perfectly still
c) They will attract each other
d) They will repel each other

Which of the following lists would be attracted by a magnet
a) metal table legs, paper clips, nails, iron
b) CD's, plastic, phones, paper clips
c) plastic, glass cups, cloth, chalk, paper clips
d) pennies, glass cups, paper clips, paper towels.

What kind of needle turns toward the Earth's North Pole?
a) compass
b) sewing machine
c) magnet
d) machine

A magnet attracts an object on the table. The object must contain
a) iron
b) wood
c) rubber
d) glass

A magnet pushes an object away. Which is true about the object?
a) It is made of iron
b) it is plastic
c) it is round
d) it is a magnet

Each end of a magnet is called a(n)
a) poles
b) iron
c) circuits
d) generator

The invention of the compass shows that Earth acts as a giant
a) magnet
b) direct current
c) material
d) sphere

What is a good conductor for electricity?
a) metal
b) wood
c) air
d) plastic

What causes you to get a shock when you touch a metal door handle?
a) static electricity
b) electricity
c) alternate current electricity
d) magnetism

Which do you think has the greatest chance of being struck by lightning?
a) a tall tree
b) a car
c) a house
d) a person

The buildup of electrical charge on a material is
a) static electricity
b) metallic
c) circuit energy
d) a conductor

A series circuit
a) is a circuit in which the objects are connected in a single path
b) has an incomplete path
c) has no power
d) has lights that if one goes out they all go out

What should you do if you see lightning or hear thunder?
a) All of the above
b) get out of water
c) go inside an enclosed building
d) stay away from high places and tall objects

A complete path that electricity can move through is a(n)
a) circuit
b) magnetic field
c) conductor
d) discharge

Lightning takes the shortest, clearest path to the
a) ground
b) street
c) river
d) TV

Susie rubs a balloon on her hair. The balloon is then able to stick to the wall. This is an example of
a) static elecricity
b) iron
c) poles
d) magnetism

Electrical wires are often covered with rubber, because rubber is a good
a) insulator
b) conductor
c) material
d) discharge

Which of the following would NOT be considered an electrical item?
a) a candle
b) a refrigerator
c) a radio
d) a light bulb

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