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a) Kaity Ridgeway
b) Luke Merrill
c) Andrew Turner
d) cardboard box

Smells like bananas...
a) cd player
b) monkey
c) Evans Gunter
d) shoe box

a) Tessa
b) Hannah
c) Sadie
d) All of them.

a) ice cream
b) Kenlie Thornton
c) box
d) guitar

a) tornado
b) apple
c) teacher
d) Jamie Hamlin

a) snake
b) lizard
c) fish
d) gorilla

King of the jungle....
a) lion
b) tiger
c) bear
d) anteater

a) rock
b) pillow
c) cactus
d) yogurt

Loves cabbage...
a) turtles
b) aliens
c) Ryelee Burgess
d) carnivores

a) Katelyn Ellis
b) Kaity Ridgeway
c) Kenlie Thornton
d) ALL OF THEM!!!! (It's this one!)

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