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The icon with the glowing A is
a) text effect
b) font color
c) italic
d) shading

When you add color or a border to the flyer, this editing is called
a) additions
b) modification
c) deletion

When you input additional information to the flyer, this part of the editing is called
a) modification
b) deletion
c) addition

When you edit your flyer and remove ( take away) some information, this is called
a) deletion
b) addition
c) modification

This part of the flyerthat has detailed information
a) Headline
b) Body
c) Signature Line
d) None of the above

The person name and contact information is an example of this part of the flyer
a) Headline
b) Body
c) Signature Line
d) None of the above

Grand Opening is at the top of the flyer, identify the part of the flyer
a) Headline
b) Signature line
c) Body
d) None of the above

The purpose of a flyer
a) To convey a message
b) To inform
c) To advertise
d) all the above

The icon that looks like a bucket tilt over is called
a) shading
b) text effect
c) font
d) font size

I want to make all of my wording in all CAPS
a) change case
b) caps lock
c) Bold
d) Text Effect

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