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This is an example of character formatting
a) Font Color
b) Alignment
c) Shading
d) Bullets

The default name for a new file is
a) Microsoft word
b) New Document
c) File
d) Document

Word is what type of software
a) microsoft
b) word processing
c) document
d) file

The word count option is located here
a) status bar
b) QAT
c) ribbon
d) group

The combination of all of the groups makes up the
a) QAT
b) status bar
c) a dialog box
d) a ribbon

Home and Page Layout is an example of this
a) a tab
b) a group
c) a QAT
d) a ribbon

Font and Paragraph is an example of this
a) a group
b) a ribbon
c) a tab
d) dialog box

This bar shows the name of your document
a) the title
b) the tab
c) the QAT
d) the group

This arrow is at the right corner of some of the groups, it opens what
a) a tab
b) a ribbon
c) a dialog box
d) the mini toolbar

Frequently used icons are housed here
a) group
b) QAT
c) File
d) Home

If I continue to type, word drops to the next line is called
a) word wrap
b) enter
c) space bar
d) spacing

This is an example of paragraph formatting
a) Font style
b) Change Case
c) Bullets
d) Font Color

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