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The Federalists' fear of revolutionary France spilled over into a mistrust of immigrants. Congress passed two laws aimed at immigrants in 1798. They are...
a) Quartering and Stamp Act
b) Alien and Sedition Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Immigration and Deportation Act

Which one is NOT an accomplishment of George Washington
a) Functioning Federal Government
b) Political divisions had decreased
c) The economy was improving
d) British had been forced to leave their forts in the Northwest Territory

George Washington sent this general to defeat Native American forces in the North West Territory
a) Henry Knox
b) Anthony Wayne
c) George Patton
d) Andrew Jackson

The British started the practice of impressment, which was?
a) Taking sailors on American ships and forcing them to serve in the British Navy
b) Taking soldiers in the Northwest Territory and forcing them to serve in the British Army
c) Impressing British ideas on American Culture

Before Political Parties, people spoke of __________, an organized political group
a) Republicans
b) Federalists
c) Factions
d) Democrats

Which part of Hamilton's plan did NOT pass Congress
a) Firing all tax collectors and cutting the number of U.S. diplomats
b) Imposing a high tariff on all imported goods
c) Creating a National Bank
d) The U.S. would assume all federal and state debts

Southern States were opposed to Hamilton's Financial Plan because
a) The Southern States had to much debt
b) The Northern States had paid their debts
c) The Southern States did not have the money to pay for Hamilton's plan
d) The Southern States had already repaid most of their state debts

Which one is NOT part of Hamilton's 3 part Financial Plan
a) To fire all tax collectors and cut the number of U.S. diplomats
b) The government would impose a high tax on goods imported into the country
c) The U.S. would assume all federal and state debts
d) The U.S. would charter a national bank

George Washington traveled to which city for his inauguration?
a) Boston
b) Philadelphia
c) New York
d) Washington D.C.

How much debt was the U.S. in when George Washington took office as our President
a) just a few dollars
b) $52 Million
c) $52 Billion
d) $3,000

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