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Before you can draw a conclusion from your experiment, you must first.....
a) Collect the data
b) Find the mean or average for each trial
c) Analyze the data and look for patterns
d) All of the above

Data you collect that is expressed as a number is called....
a) qualitative
b) quantitative
c) subjective
d) reflective

The thing or quantity that you measure during an experiment.
a) Independent Variable
b) Hypothesis
c) Constants
d) Dependent Variable

A setup of your experiment that does NOT involve changing the independent variable.
a) Control
b) Constant
c) Experimental Group
d) Data

An educated guess that you make about what will happen in an experiment.
a) Constant
b) Hypothesis
c) Conclusion
d) Analysis

The variable that is being tested - also the one I, as the scientist change or manipulate, is called the _________
a) Hypothesis
b) Dependent Variable
c) Independent Variable
d) Constants

The number of times you repeat an experiment in order to collect many data sets is called....
a) data
b) replicates
c) controls
d) constants

All the parts of your experiment that are kept the same THROUGHOUT an experiment are called....
a) controls
b) constants
c) replicates
d) variables

A statement you can prove true or false, based upon the results of your experiment, is called a/an_________________
a) Control
b) Independent Variable
c) Replicate
d) Hypothesis

Data that is expressed in words or descriptions is called.....
a) qualitative
b) quantitative
c) subjective
d) reflective

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