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Another name for oil is ________?
a) petroleum
b) mining
c) coal
d) natural gas

Which technology has connected countries all over the world?
a) Radio
b) Internet
c) CellPhone
d) TV

Which would reduce conflict over the rain forest in South America?
a) an election
b) ecotourism
c) Loggers
d) Cattle Drives

Beliefs and Customs are known as ____?
a) Religion
b) Culture
c) freedom of choice
d) Race

These two countries have an unlimited government.
a) Spain and Portugual
b) Russia and German
c) United States and Canada
d) Cuba and Venezula

Which is trait of a culture region?
a) Religion
b) Food
c) Language
d) Music

An important aspect of a limited government is _______?
a) Human Rights
b) Social Rights
c) Freedom
d) Dictatorship

The impact of the trade embargo against Cuba was ____?
a) Scarcity
b) Trading for profit
c) Farming for profit
d) Economic Development

How did South America develop?
a) Spanish War
b) French Settlers
c) Government
d) Colonization and Conquest

Why is the official language of Brazil Portuguese?
a) The people there are portuguese
b) It's the only language the people know how to speak
c) Spanish government enforces it
d) European Colonization

Where are the largest and longest rivers found?
a) South America
b) North America
c) Europe
d) Africa

What geographic feature would make logging a major industry?
a) numerous forest
b) mountains
c) rivers
d) deserts

Which of the following is a major transportation corridor?
a) Houston Ship Channel
b) Panama Canal
c) Port Cities
d) European penisulas

Why is the majority of Russia's industries located in the Eastern part of the country?
a) location is closer to other countries
b) mountains are in the other parts of the country
c) Most of the natural resources are there
d) Most of the people work there

The European Union has what type of monetary system?
a) Dollars and coins
b) Peso
c) European Exchange
d) The Euro

Most countries today have this type of government system
a) Unlimited
b) limited
c) Dictatorship
d) Monarchy

The European Union has had the greatest effect on countries ______?
a) economies
b) trading
c) travel
d) government

An important aspect of a democracy is______?
a) dictation
b) freedom
c) creating jobs
d) civic participation

The physical location of Europe has made what economic activity their way of life?
a) Logging
b) Trading
c) Farming
d) Banking

What country did democracy originate from?
a) Europe
b) USA
c) Greece
d) Russia

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