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Which of the following scientists first determined that all plants are composed of cells?
a) Shleiden
b) Virchow
c) Schwann
d) van Leewenhoek

What scientist first discovered that cells come only from other cells?
a) van Leeuwenhoek
b) Schleiden
c) Schwnn
d) Virchow

What is the general term for a cell that contains a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles?
a) bacterium
b) prokaryotes
c) unicellular organism
d) eukaryote

. The semifluid material that fills most the cells outside the nucleus is called:
a) cellulose
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleoplasm
d) pectin

Which of the following was first discovered by Robert Hooke?
a) protoplasm
b) nuclei
c) cells
d) organelles

. Which structure is found in plant cells, but not animal cells?
a) nucleus
b) cell wal
c) ribosome
d) mitochondria

. A tissue is a group of similar cell that share a common:
a) function
b) cell wall
c) nucleus
d) organ system

. The double membrane surrounding the nucleus is called the
a) nucleolus
b) nuclear wall
c) nucleoplasm
d) nuclear envelope

. In which of the following organelles is a cell’s ATP produced?
a) mitochondria
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) Golgi apparatus
d) Lysosome

The maximum size to which a cell ma grow is limited mainly by he cell's:
a) shape
b) surface area
c) function
d) internal organization

Which structure directly controls the transport of materials in and out of a cell?
a) smooth ER
b) cytoplasm
c) nuclear membrane
d) plasma membrane

Cell membranes are composed of how many layers?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

. Which of the following occurs in pinocytosis?
a) solutes or fluids moves into the cell
b) large molecules move into the cell
c) solutes or fluids move out of the cell
d) large molecules move out of the cell

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