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Keegan and Alex played a _______of Monopoly
a) dance
b) game
c) tree
d) song

Matt's _______keep his hands warm when he plays in the snow
a) hat
b) coat
c) boots
d) gloves

cars. boats, trains and airplanes are all types of
a) season
b) wheels
c) transportation
d) songs

Grandma lit the _________on the birthday cake
a) frosting
b) cake
c) ice cream
d) candles

Brady ride the________to school every morning.
a) bird
b) bus
c) cat
d) homework

piano, tuba and drums are all ________that musicians play
a) songs
b) instruments
c) seasons
d) books

If you take first place in the Olympics you win a ________
a) house
b) car
c) gold medal
d) pet

_________bark, chew on bones and play fetch
a) dogs
b) cats
c) fish
d) mice

_________like cheese, squeak and run from cats
a) dogs
b) fish
c) cows
d) mice

Molly, Katie and Ali are going to the________to swim and build a sand castle
a) store
b) house
c) beach
d) mall

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