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person, place thing or idea
a) verb
b) conjunction
c) noun
d) adverb

state of action or being
a) noun
b) verb
c) interjection
d) adjective

Usually ends in -ly
a) adjective
b) adverb
c) noun
d) conjunction

There are _____parts of speech
a) 5
b) 6
c) 8
d) 12

Adverbs modify a verb, adjective or other
a) nouns
b) pronouns
c) conjunctions
d) adverbs

dog, store, car, man, flower are all examples of
a) verbs
b) nouns
c) adjectives
d) interjections

ran, jumped, are, is are all examples of
a) nouns
b) interjections
c) pronouns
d) verbs

____________express emotion
a) nouns
b) verbs
c) interjections
d) pronouns

tell what kind, which one, how many or how much
a) nouns
b) adjectives
c) verbs
d) adverbs

_____join words or groups together
a) nouns
b) adjectives
c) verbs
d) conjunctions

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