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A cloud that is thick and low to the ground is a -
a) cirrus cloud
b) cumulus cloud
c) stratus cloud
d) nimbus cloud

The faster the air molecules move, the _______ the temperature
a) higher
b) lower
c) more constant
d) more variable

A high feathey cloud formed of ice crystals is called a-
a) cirrus
b) stratus
c) cumulonimbus (thunderhead)
d) thundercloud

What are the early signs of an approaching warm front?
a) nimbus clouds
b) cumulus clouds
c) cirrus clouds
d) stratus clouds

What will the weather most likely be for an area that is experiencing low pressure and an approaching cold front?
a) The weather will be clear.
b) The weather will produce strong storms that could bring snow.
c) The weather will be cold and dry.
d) The weather will produce many clouds in the sky and feel humid outside.

What type of weather is usually associated with a very rapidly falling barometer?
a) fair and cold
b) windy and cloudy
c) very cold
d) stormy and rainy

In what direction do air masses usually move in the US?
a) west to east
b) east to west
c) north to south
d) south to north

The line where two air masses meet is called a-
a) curve
b) front
c) barrier
d) condition

During the spring, the Weather Channel shows a cold air mass pushing into a warm air mass. What weather condition will probably happen?
a) a hurricane
b) a snow storm
c) a thunderstorm
d) a tornado

Which two things help predict where air masses will move.
a) temperature and cloud condition
b) rainfall amounts
c) a meteorologist and an astronomer
d) wind speed and direction

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