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Why is Orlando have a warmer temperture than Washington DC?
a) Elevation
b) Latitude
c) Large body of water
d) Mountains

What side of the mountains would you find the cooler wetter area?
a) Leeward
b) Windward
c) Top
d) Bottom

El Nino occures in the ________ ocean.
a) Atlantic
b) Caspian
c) Pacific
d) Indian

What axis on a graph do you find the manipulated variable?
a) Y
b) X
c) both 1 and 2
d) neither 1 or 2

What is the unit for mass?
a) Grams
b) Liters
c) Centimeters
d) Pounds

In an experiment one group of plants recieved fertilizer A, one group fertilizer B, and one group no fertilizer. The group without the fertilizer is the _____ group.
a) Responding
b) Manipulated
c) Control
d) Experimental

What instrument is used to find the mass of an object?
a) meter stick
b) triple beam balance
c) Beaker
d) Flask

Why is Galveston warmer in the winter than Midland Texas?
a) Elevation
b) Latitude
c) Mountains
d) Closeness to a large body of water

What is climate?
a) The day to day conditions of the atmosphere.
b) The average of the weather conditions of a long period of time.
c) The temperature of an area.
d) The precipitation of an area.

A seabreeze occures because _______ air rises and ______ air sinks during the _____.
a) cold, warm, day
b) cold, warm, night
c) warm, cold, day
d) warm, cold, night

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