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Non Fiction books:
a) give the readers true facts
b) are made up
c) are passed down by word of mouth
d) are written about the author

autobiographies are
a) stories written about ones self
b) stories written about someone else
c) mysteries
d) not real

If you wrote a story about your friend's life, it would be a:
a) autobiography
b) mystery
c) biography
d) poetry

Usually contains a problem and a solution
a) biography
b) non fiction
c) fiction
d) mysteries

talking animals or magical powers are examples of
a) non fiction
b) fantasy
c) science fiction
d) historical fiction

a story that has a message and has been passed down by word of mouth is:
a) fantasy
b) mystery
c) non fiction
d) folktale

a genre that is written to inspire thought and contains stanzas is called
a) folktales
b) mysteries
c) poetry
d) biographies

Information that is not real and is made up is called
a) non fiction
b) fiction
c) historical order
d) poetry

Three types of fiction are:
a) historical, science and realistic
b) pretend, poetry, history

a story that is made up using characters that aren't real, but takes place in a modern time and could happen is what type of genre?
a) historical fiction
b) science fiction
c) non fiction
d) realistic fiction

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