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What dessert should you think of when thinking of author's purpose?
a) cookies
b) ice cream
c) brownies
d) pie

What does the p in pie stand for when talking about author's purpose?
a) pretend
b) persude
c) purpose
d) pretty

What does the I in pie stand for when talking about author's purpose?
a) inform
b) interesting
c) into
d) inside

What does the e in P.I.E. stand for when talking about author's purpose?
a) enjoy
b) effect
c) entertain
d) end

Author's purpose is_________________
a) the reason why the author writes a passage
b) i don't know
c) about stories
d) books

Commercials, advertisements and newspaper editorials are all examples of:
a) entertain
b) inform
c) persuade
d) confuse

Textbooks, cookbooks, newspapers and directions are all examples of:
a) inform
b) entertain
c) persuade
d) write

If an author is trying to make you laugh, their purpose is to:
a) scare you
b) entertain you
c) teach you
d) inform you

If an author wants to change your mind about something or convince you about something then the author's purpose is to:
a) entertain
b) inform
c) confuse
d) persuade

A poem about dinosaurs putting on a play is an example of
a) entertaining
b) persuading
c) informing
d) teaching

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