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If you go ahead with your plans even if something got in the way, what did you do?
a) recede
b) procede
c) diversify
d) revert

A purse, shoes or a bracelet would be considered these.
a) accessories
b) introverts
c) diversions
d) recess

If something takes your mind of your worries, it is a ______
a) diversion
b) accessory
c) intercede
d) revert

You do this to money if you are going to another country.
a) revert
b) convert
c) exceed
d) subvert

You shampoo before you dry your hair, therefore, shampooing ____the blow drying.
a) intercedes
b) proceeds
c) concedes
d) precedes

Hair lines can sometime do this.
a) exceed
b) recede
c) concede
d) recess

In a presidential election, the loser will do this.
a) receded
b) diversified
c) concede
d) recess

A king who takes the place of another king when he dies is called what?
a) successor
b) revert
c) extrovert
d) accessory

An entrance ramp makes a building this for a handicapped person.
a) accessory
b) accessible
c) inverted
d) subverted

A person who is not shy and enjoys attention is this.
a) introvert
b) diversified
c) divergent
d) extrovert

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