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__________ formats the last row, which usually contains column totals.
a) Header Row
b) Total Row
c) Banded Row
d) Column Row

________________ formats even columns differently than odd columns.
a) Total Columns
b) Last Columns
c) First Columns
d) Banded Columns

The Table Tools Ribbon has two tabs: _____ and _____.
a) the Create tabs and the Layout tabs
b) the Desing tabs and the Format tab
c) the Create tabs and the Format tab
d) the Design tabs and the Layout tab

____________ are built-in preformatted tables, such as calendars and tabular lists to insert and use in your documents.
a) Draw Table
b) Insert Table
c) Quick Table
d) Create Table

________________ add a professional appearance to the tables in your document.
a) Quick Styles
b) Quick Tables
c) Draw Tables
d) Pro Tables

Word provides the option to draw complex tables using the ______ command.
a) Draw Table
b) Insert Table
c) Quick Table
d) Create Table

__________ are rectangles that are formed when rows and columns intersect.
a) Box
b) Cells
c) Data
d) Table

The Insert Table dialog box lets you create large tables by specifying up to ____ columns and thousands of rows.
a) 73
b) 55
c) 63
d) 53

Which sort order sorts text from the end to the beginning?
a) Descending
b) Ascending
c) Plunging
d) Downward

The first row of a table that is formatted differently than the rest of the table is called a:
a) total row
b) banded column
c) header column
d) header row

An arrangement of data made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns is called a:
a) Menu
b) Heading
c) Table
d) Merge

Combining two or more cells into one uses a Word feature called:
a) Split Cells
b) Merge Cells
c) Merge All Cells
d) Merge Selected Cells

The quickest way to move from one cell to another in a table is to use the ___ key on the keyboard.
a) Tab
b) Enter
c) Shift + Enter
d) Insert

_____ is the process of rearranging information in an alphabetical, numberical, or chronological order.
a) Organizing
b) Moving
c) Sorting
d) Selecting

Quick Parts may be created by selecting the Quick Parts Command on the _____ Ribbon.
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page Layout
d) Text

Which ribbon contains the commands to apply preset table styles to a Word 2010 table?
a) Table Tools Format Ribbon
b) Table Tools Edit Ribbon
c) Table Tools Layout Ribbon
d) Table Tools Design Ribbon

Which two ribbons become available when a table is selected in a Word 2010 document?
a) Table Format and Table Tools
b) Table Tools and Table Edit
c) Table Tools Edit and Table Tools Format
d) Table Tools Design and Table Tools Layout

Which dialog box allows you to specify how many columns and rows a new table will have?
a) Rows and Columns
b) Columns and Rows
c) Insert Table
d) Insert Cells

Where is the command to insert a new table into a Word 2010 document?
a) Home Ribbon, Tables group
b) Insert Ribbon, Tables group
c) Home Ribbon, Paragraph group
d) Insert Ribbon, Pages group

Word's ______________ command enables you to adjust column width to fit the size of table contents, the window, or to fit all content to a fixed column width.
a) QuickFit
b) AutoSize
c) AutoFit
d) OptionFit

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