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How do new cells arise?
a) from sunlight, air, and water
b) from nutrients in the environment
c) from the correct combination of chemical elements
d) from pre-existing cells

Unlike plant cells, animal cells are able to move around because they lack rigid ________.
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) cell walls
c) lysosomes
d) cytoplasm

Which of these statements accurately describes mitochondria?
a) They are contained within the nucleus.
b) They are subcellular parts in prokaryotic cells.
c) They are embedded in the cell membrane.
d) They are membrane-bound organelles.

Which term describes the arrangement of phospholipids in the cell membrane?
a) polypeptide chain
b) monolayer
c) bilayer
d) double helix

What are the tiny living structures that make up all organisms?
a) cells
b) organelles
c) nuclei
d) bacteria

What is one function of the cell membrane?
a) It regulates which materials enter and leave the cell.
b) It manufactures proteins for the cell.
c) It contains the genetic information for the cell.
d) It generates chemical energy for the cell.

Which of these parts make up a eukaryotic cytoskeleton?
a) microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and macrofilaments
b) nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatus
c) phospholipids, ion channels, and ion pumps
d) microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments

Which cells have a cytoskeleton?
a) animal cells only
b) plant cells only
c) both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
d) eukaryotic but not prokaryotic cells

Which of these is an example of an organelle?
a) cytoplasm
b) mitochondrion
c) flagellum
d) nucleoid

Which structures transport ions across the cell membrane against their concentration gradient?
a) flagella
b) microtubules
c) ion channels
d) ion pumps

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