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Most women in colonial America were expected to marry men
a) they fell in love with
b) who were regular church goers.
c) who had an honorable occupation.
d) chosen by their parents.

Which of the following led to the rise of many new churches in the colonies?
a) the Magna Carta
b) the Great Awakening
c) Locke's treatises
d) the Pennsylvania Gazette

At around what age were colonial children expected to begin working?
a) 7
b) 15
c) 18
d) 12

Which of the following is the main reason why colonial authorities wrote slave codes?
a) They did not want slaves leaving plantation without permission.
b) They did not want enslaved people to read and write.
c) They feared slave revolts.
d) They feared antislavery laws.

Both the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights
a) guaranteed all men the right to vote.
b) stated that physical attacks were considered 'cruel and unusual punishment.'
c) declared that only a free man has the right to protest his arrest.
d) gave people accused of a crime the right to trial by jury.

How did the Magna Carta, the English Parliament, and the English Bill of Rights impact colonial government?
a) They inspired the English colonists to create the Constitution.
b) They led the English colonists to demand representative government.
c) They encouraged the English colonists to give most people the right to vote.
d) They supported the colonists demand for self-rule.

Why did many standard contracts of indentured servants fail to mention the servants' wages?
a) Indentured servants paid their employers in order to remain in the colonies.
b) Indentured servants did not collect any wages until they had worked for 4 years.
c) Indentured servants did not get paid any wages.
d) Indentured servants were all paid a standard wage.

If the English colonies had not had so many plantations, it is likely that
a) settlers would have enslaved Native Americans instead of African Americans
b) trade between the colonies and Britain would not have existed.
c) Slavery would not have taken root or survived for as long as it did.
d) Parliament would have forbidden slavery.

How many enslaved Africans were taken out of West Africa in the 300 years of the slave trade?
a) under 1 million
b) about 5 million
c) about 10 million
d) about 20 million

Whose trial helped establish freedom of the press?
a) John Locke
b) Phyllis Wheatley
c) Baron de Montesquieu
d) Peter Zenger

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