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The idea that Americans had the right and duty to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean that became known as what?
a) Continental overspread
b) Manifest Destiny
c) The great experiment
d) Providential development

The Louisiana Territory was purchased from what country in 1803?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Great Brittan
d) Japan

As people moved west, Native Americans (American Indians) were pushed off their land. ____________ of 1830 led to the Trail of Tears where large numbers of Cherokee Native Americans died on their journey.
a) The American Dream Act
b) The manifest destiny
c) The Indian Removal Act
d) The Great Awakening

_______________ occurs when one culture influnces another culture.
a) Cultural diffusion
b) Exploration
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Triangle Trade

Mercantilism was the idea that colonies should...
a) have freedom to do as they chose.
b) make money for the mother country.
c) help the poor.
d) should not accept any more people arriving by ships.

The colonists did not like paying taxes on things they needed and it made them angry. The colonists began to use the phrase, “No taxation without representation” and threw _______ overboard into the Boston Harbor to rebel against paying the taxes.
a) tobacco
b) sugar
c) tea
d) newspapers

The Battle of Saratoga was known as a _________ event because it changed things and they would never be the same again.
a) dream
b) change
c) happy
d) watershed

The Articles of Confederation was the first plan to run the United States, but it was too weak, so the leaders wrote the ______________.
a) The Articles of the United States
b) The New Plan
c) The Constitution of the United States
d) The Manifest Destiny

Problems with _____________ led to the War of 1812.
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) France
d) England

The reform movement that emphasized living in harmony with nature was known as ______________.
a) The Utopian Community Movement
b) Transcendentalism
c) The Women’s Suffrage Movement
d) Prison Reform

What immigrant population contributed to the construction of the railroad?
a) African
b) Native Americans
c) Chinese
d) Spanish

Native Americans (Indians) called black men in the US army ___________.
a) Patriots
b) Loyalists
c) Buffalo Soldiers
d) Senators

Over time, Chinese immigrants began to experience discrimination and violence directed at them. Eventually, a federal law was written that …. This act was the ________.
a) Chinese Exclusion Act
b) Chinese Refusal Act
c) China Stop Law
d) Proclamation Law

As people moved west, farms were developed on the Great Plains. The new settlers began began __________________ to sell crops and livestock.
a) fishing and planting
b) commercial farming
c) agriculture
d) to grow crops

Which of the following was one of the reasons Chief Joseph stopped his attempt to lead his people to Canada?
a) Native Americans said they liked the white man’s ways.
b) Native Americans did not have blankets and had very little food.
c) Native Americans wanted to make friends with the US Army.
d) Native Americans did not understand why they were moving to Canada.

The US Government decided reservations caused problems, so they gave Native Americans land hoping they would learn to farm and adopt settler’s way of life. This effort was known as the _________.
a) Native American’s Act
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) Jay’s Treaty
d) Dawes Severalty Act

The ______________ was a policy that said if European countries tried to settle or cause trouble in North or South America the United States would take action to stop them.
a) Native American’s Act
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) Jay’s Treaty
d) Dawes Severalty Act

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