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a) original
b) prehistoric
c) superficial
d) important

a) a large body of water
b) a cure-all
c) a graceful statue
d) an enemy

a) obvious
b) egg-shaped
c) having many sides
d) generous

a) difficult
b) beginning
c) full
d) impatient

a) divided into two equal parts
b) involving two political parties
c) two people who rule a kingdom or empire
d) two identical copies

a) dreadful
b) fearful
c) beautiful
d) plentiful

a) a great book
b) the universe
c) a person who speaks many languages
d) ancient

a) ahead of its time
b) the foremost position
c) foolish
d) predestined

a) absurd
b) argumentative
c) showy
d) annoyed

a) four railroad cars
b) four place settings
c) four lines of poetry
d) a four-sided figure

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