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Which river flows through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal?
a) Ganges River
b) Huang He (Yellow River)
c) Yangtze River
d) Indus River

Which river is the longest in China?
a) Ganges River
b) Huang He (Yellow River)
c) Yangtze River
d) Indus River

Which country is on a peninuslua?
a) China
b) India
c) Japan
d) North Korea

What is the name of the Hindu Sacred text?
a) the Vedas
b) the Quran
c) the Middle Way
d) the Four Noble Truths

Where was the religion of Buddism founded?
a) Japan
b) China
c) India
d) Vietnam

What is the caste system?
a) the division of all the people in a society into categories that are hereditary
b) The name of the Hindu priesthood
c) the name of the way labor in India is divided
d) a voting system used in Asian elections

What are the Five Pillars?
a) the first five books of the Quran
b) The five columns that support the roof of Ka'aba
c) five beliefs shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
d) five basic obligations that Muslims are supposed to do in their lives

What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation?
a) The belief that there is only one god.
b) The worship of the cow as a sacred animal.
c) The belief that men should treat each other with kindness
d) The belief that a soul returns to life in another body after death.

Which is NOT a contributor to the air pollution problems in China?
a) gradual drop in the number of new factories
b) burning coal for energy
c) growing population
d) huge number of autos and trucks

Why are India's urban areas having such a problem with air pollution?
a) There is no air pollution problem.
b) Rapid population growth, growth of industries, and thousands of automobiles on the road
c) There is no sewage services in India.
d) There are no government efforts to control air pollution.

Why do so many of the people of India live in the Ganges River Valley
a) The Ganges River is the only source of fresh water.
b) The Ganges River provides water that is not polluted.
c) The Ganges River provides fertile soil for farming.
d) I have no idea.

What is the Buddhist teaching that shows its followers the way to live their lives?
a) the Middle Way
b) the Bible
c) the Quran
d) the Five Pillars

Ocan currents and typhoons have a major effect on which country's climate?
a) China
b) Japan
c) India
d) North Korea

Why does South Korea have a greater population than North Korea?
a) South Korea has better farmland and is less mountainous than North Korea
b) South Korea is more mountainous than North Korea
c) North Korea has a law against people having children
d) North Korea does not have enough food to feed a growing population.

Which best describes Vietnam's climate?
a) Warm and tropical
b) Moderate and cool
c) Hot and dry
d) A combination of all of these

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