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Why were Southerners convinced that the end of slavery would ruin their economy?
a) Southern factories depended on enslaved labor to make a profit
b) Enslaved labor made Southern cash crops profitable
c) All Southern people lived on plantations and owned slaves
d) paid immigrant workers had ruined the northern economy

What group wanted to end slavery immediately?
a) irish immigrants
b) abolitionists
c) secessionists
d) republicans

How did the Civil War begin?
a) southern soldiers fired on the federal garrison at Fort Sumter
b) Northern soldiers attacked southern troops at Manassas
c) no one knows who fired the first shot
d) the union army attacked teh Confederate capital at Richmond

Why is the Battle of Manassas called 'The Great Skedaddle?'
a) both sides refused to fight
b) union troops broke and ran all the way back to Washington
c) Southern troops broke and ran all the way back to Richmond
d) the stream at Bull Run was a 'skedaddling' or wandering stream

What famous Civil War photographer believed that the cameria was the eye of history?
a) Matthew Brady
b) John C Calhoun
c) Timothy O'Sullivan
d) Alexander Gardner

Which of the following is NOT a reason why Northern soldiers fought in the Civil War?
a) topreserve the union
b) to secure democracy
c) to end slavery
d) to extend slavery

What is the doctrine of states' rights?
a) states are more powerful than the national government
b) states have limited power
c) national government is more powerful than the states
d) the national government is all-powerful

What southern political leader defined the doctrine of states' rights?
a) John C Calhoun
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Robert E Lee

Which of the following is one reason why Southern soldiers fought in the Civil War?
a) to end slavery
b) to spread slavery into the NOrthern states
c) for the survival of their new nation
d) to preserve the union

Where was the first major battle of the Civil War fought?
a) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
b) Manassas, Virginia
c) Richmond, Virginia
d) Washington D.C.

Whas was the south's peculiar institution?
a) the doctrine of states' rights
b) growing cash crops on plantations
c) political power
d) slavery

What military leader held the Confederate line at Manassas, earning the name Stonewall
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Matthew Brady
c) Thomas J Jackson
d) Robert E Lee

What is a civil war?
a) a ware against foreign enemies
b) a war fought in another country
c) a war in which citizens of a country fight against each other
d) a war between two countries

Which of the following is not a primary source
a) War Terrible War by Joy Hakim
b) A diary of a Civil War soldier
c) A photograph by Matthew Brady
d) A letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife

Why is Alexander Garnder considered the first photojournalist?
a) He wrote storeis about his Civil War photographs
b) He sold his Civil War photographs to William Lloyd Garrison
c) He hired others to take Civil War photographs for his newspaper
d) He believed his photographs were so realistic they would tell the story of the Civil War

What did the Southern states call their new nations?
a) The New American Nation
b) The Confederate States of America
c) The Confederates States of South
d) THe United States of America

What happened that triggered the secession of the southern states?
a) Southern states attacked the northern states
b) Vice president John C Calhoun wanted states rights?
c) The Northern states attacked Fort Sumter
d) The Republican Candidate won the election

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the American Civil War ?
a) Fighting with foreign nations like Great Britain
b) whether or not to extend slavery west
c) differences over states rights and power of federal government
d) regional differences between north and south

Why was the United States in trouble in 1861?
a) Southern states seceded
b) Northern states seceded
c) Western states had seceded from the union
d) western territories did not want to join the union

Why did Southerners oppose the new Republican political party?
a) The Republcian Party wanted to end the international slave trade
b) The Republican Party supported black immigration to northern states
c) The Republican Party supported giving the vote to freed blacks
d) The Republican Party did not want slavery in the western territories

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