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Paul Bunyan ______ the Great Lakes to America.
a) bring
b) brought
c) brnged

People has __________ up stories about Paul Bunyan for ages.
a) make
b) made
c) makes
d) maded

However, Paul Bunyan has _____ hold of the American imagination.
a) taken
b) took
c) take

The day of the old-fashioned lumberjack has _____ by the wayside.
a) fallen
b) fall
c) felt
d) fell

James has _________ a paul statue taller than a house.
a) seen
b) sees
c) saw
d) see

I have________ Paul Bunyan many times.
a) heard
b) hear
c) heared

Megan and I ________ to the library to find more tall tales.
a) went
b) go
c) gone
d) goes

Ben ________ a funny story about super sam and Computer man.
a) tells
b) told
c) tell

Then we __________ our own tall tales.
a) write
b) wrote
c) written
d) writes

Our class_______ about Paul Bunyan.
a) read
c) readed
d) reads

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