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Who was the “Most Catholic King”?
a) James I of England
b) Phillip II of Spain
c) King Louis XIII of France

Who were the Huguenots?
a) Italian Catholics influenced by the Pope.
b) English Protestants influenced by Henry VIII
c) French Protestants influenced by John Calvin

What gave Protestants, not Catholics, the right of free public worship in FRANCE?
a) Edict of Nantes
b) Discrimination Act
c) Equal Rights Act

What 2 groups fought in the English Civil War?
a) Cavaliers (or Royalists) vs. Roundheads
b) Mystics (or witches) vs. Baptists
c) pacifists vs. prowar (or supporters of the king)

What was Elizabeth I’s goal in foreign affairs?
a) To spread the Church of England into all European countries as an alternative to Catholicism
b) To keep Spain and France from becoming too powerful
c) To become allies with Prussia because they had supported her father

What book was written by Thomas Hobbes and helped people deal with polictical disorder
a) Presidents versues Kings
b) The Absolute Monarchist
c) Leviathan

Who believed in natural rights: life, liberty, and right to own property?
a) Jonathon Brazil
b) John Locke
c) Robert Stafford

Who fought in the Thirty Years War?
a) nobles in Bohemia and the Hapsburgs
b) France and Spain
c) Germany and the Netherlands

Who was the first Russian ruler to take the name CZAR?
a) William Kaiser III (3rd)
b) Peter the Great
c) Ivan IV (4th) ...Ivan the Terrible

What was the name of the city that Peter the Great constructed in 1703 and moved the capital to when the city was finished?
a) St. Augustine
b) St. James
c) St. Petersburg

William of Orange, husband of James II’s daughter, Mary, to invade England. William and Mary raised an army and marched to England. James II and his family fled, so with almost no violence, England underwent its ___________ _____________.
a) Glorious Revolution
b) Civil War
c) Bloody Sunday

Who is the best example of 17th century abolutism?
a) Frederick I of Germany
b) King James I of England
c) Louis XIV (14th) of France

*Founder of the Globe Theater *Actor and shareholder in the Acting Company
a) L Ron Hubbard
b) William Shakespeare
c) JK Rowling

On which of the following days did these events occur? August 24, 1572 20,000 Huguenots were killed Henri of Navarre, a Bourbon, survived
a) Boston Massacre
b) St Bartholomew's Day Massacre
c) St. Valentine's Day Massacre

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