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A Punnett Square is useful in determining
a) Exactly what the offspring will look like
b) the probability that an offspring inherits a particular trait
c) the types of mutations that will occur in an organism's lifetime
d) Whether or not a child will possess a dominant or a recessive trait

Which term describes the process by which egg and sperm join to begin the formation of a new organism?
a) cloning
b) fertilization
c) cross-breeding
d) gene splicing

How could the child of parent with a dominant phenotype end up with a recessive phenotype?
a) through mutations that cause abnormal traits
b) through both parents being purebred for the dominant trait
c) through both parents being heterozygous for the dominant trait
d) The recessive gene could overpower the dominant gene.

The genotype of a hybrid trait in an organism is expressed as
a) The same letter one upper case, one lower case
b) the same letter both upper case
c) the same letter both lower case
d) Different letters with both either upper case or lower case

A kitten has been born with six toes on one foot. Which of the following best explains this?
a) the parent of the kitten had only four toes
b) The kitten is the product of a cross-breeding experiment that produced an abnormal number of chromosomes in the offspring
c) the six toes are the product of a mutation that occurred in one of the kitten's ancestors
d) Five cells were produced in the process of meiosis as opposed to the normal number, which is four

A chicken that has inherited feathers that are colored both black and white is an example of which of the following terms?
a) fertilization
b) meiosis
c) mitosis
d) codominance

What can be concluded about an organisms phenotype for a particular trait when the genotype of that trait consists of both a dominant and recessive allele
a) the phenotype will be like the trait associated with the dominant allele
b) the phenotype will be like the trait associated with the recessive allele
c) the phenotype will be a mixture of the traits associated with both the recessive and dominant alleles
d) the phenotype will not be like either of the traits associated with the dominant or recessive allele

The outward expression of a particular trait in an organism is referred to as its
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) an allele
d) a chromosome

Some individuals with blood type A may inherit the genes for blond hair, while other individuals with blood group A may inherit the genes for brown hair. This can be explained by the principle of
a) dominance
b) multiple alleles
c) independent assortment
d) incomplete dominance

Accordng to Mendel's principles of probability and genetics what are the chances of a dominant phenotype when crossing two heterozygous traits
a) 100%
b) 75%
c) 50%
d) 25%

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