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Which best explains why sexual reproduction produces greater variation in the offspring?
a) The DNA comes from two genetically different parents
b) the DNA comes from one parent that is genetically identical
c) the sex cells are produced by mitosis
d) the sex cells undergo self-fertilization

What can be concluded about the phenotype of an organism which is homozygous for the dominant trait, regardless of the genotype of the other parent?
a) the dominant trait will be expressed in the offspring's looks
b) the recessive trait will be expressed in the offspring's looks
c) both the dominant and recessive trait will be expressed in the offspring's looks
d) Neither trait will be expressed in the offspring's looks

In living things, traits are passed from one generation to the next by the transfer of
a) blood
b) minerals
c) calories
d) DNA

How does mitosis compare to meiosis?
a) Mitosis produces two identical daughter cells, while meiosis produces sex cells with half the genetic information
b) Mitosis produces sex cells with half the genetic information, while meiosis produces two identical daughter cells
c) mitosis only occurs in single-celled organism, while meiosis only occurs in animals
d) mitosis only occurs in animals, while meiosis only occurs in single-celled organisms

Which cross could produce a child with type O blood?
a) AO x BB
b) AA x BO
c) AB x OO
d) AO x BO

How can one determine whether a genotype is homozygous or heterozygous?
a) The letters will be different
b) One letter will be upper case and the other lower case
c) The letters will match and will both either be capitalized or lower case
d) the letters will be different but both will be capitalized

Geneticists have observed that fruit flies that commonly inherit vestigial wings also inherit lobed eyes. Observations such as this have helped to develop the genetic concept known as
a) segregation
b) dominance
c) gene linkage
d) crossing over

Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in
a) a sperm cell
b) an egg cell
c) a zygote
d) a gamete

A man with a blood genotype AO marries a woman with a blood genotype of AO. What blood types could be expected in their children?
a) Type A only
b) Type O only
c) Both Type A and Type O
d) Neither Type A nor Type O

A hybrid black-coated guinea pig produces two million sperm cells. Approximately what number of its sperm cells contain the recessive gene for white coat color?
a) 1 million
b) 2 million
c) 0
d) .5 million

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