Plate Tectonics Question Preview (ID: 1766)

Theory Of Plate Tectonics And Types Of Stresses.

What occurs at the Ring of Fire?
a) earthquakes
b) volcanoes
c) all of the answers here
d) plate tectonic movement

The theory of plate tectonics states...
a) The plate locations never change
b) The plates are in the inner core.
c) The plates are fixed and not capable of movement.
d) The plates are in constant slow motion.

Which of the following is the most likely location of earthquakes, mountains, volcanoes, and new land to occur?
a) outer space
b) watershed
c) plate boundary
d) deposit

Which of the following is an evidence of plate tectonics?
a) fossil evidence
b) climate change
c) lost change
d) chemicals

Which of the following happens when plates move at plate boundaries?
a) hurricanes and wind
b) volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis
c) air pressure and changes in cloud formations
d) speed of cars change

The place where two plates meet is called a...
a) rock cycle
b) plate boundary
c) home
d) heat and pressure

Scientist believe that plate movement occurs because of convection currents in the:
a) crust
b) lithoshere
c) mantle
d) inner core

What layers make up part of the Mantle?
a) lithosphere
b) asthenosphere
c) crust
d) lithosphere and asthenosphere

Which of the following happen because of plate movement?
a) earthquakes
b) volcanoes
c) mountains
d) all of the answers here

The tectonic plates are pieces of...
a) the lithosphere
b) the mantle
c) the moon
d) the core

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