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The most important function of proteins is ....
a) provide the body with structure
b) provide the body with muscles
c) provide the body with enzymes
d) provide molecule transport across cell membrane

A sample of food is tested with Biuret solution. It changed from blue to purple color.
a) This sample contains protein
b) This sample does not contain protein
c) Do not have enough information to determine
d) Biuret solution is used to test for monosaccharides

A food sample is tested with Bendict's solution. It changed from blue to red. Does this sample contain protein?
a) No, it turned another color
b) Yes, it changed from blue to red.
c) No, Benedict's is used to test for monosaccharides
d) Yes, Benedict's is used to test for proteins

When protein shape has changed, it is said to be ____.
a) natured
b) denatured
c) bynatured
d) optinatured

What factors can change the function of a protein?
a) chemical bonding of hydrogen bonds in the polypeptide
b) temperature of the DNA in the nucleus of the cell
c) pH of the DNA in the nucleus of the cell
d) temperature, pH, DNA mutation

Where are proteins made in the cell?
a) in the nucleus
b) in the ribosome
c) in the cytoplasm
d) in the golgi apparatus

What determines how a protein will be shaped and function?
a) the sequence of amino acids in the polypeptide chain
b) the sequence of monosaccharides in the polypeptide chain
c) the shape of the dipeptide bond in the chain
d) the chemical properties of the dipeptide bond in the chain

What kind of bond holds together amino acids in a protein?
a) ionic bond
b) peptide bond
c) hydrogen bond
d) water bond

What is a dipeptide?
a) two sugar molecules bonded together
b) two carbohydrate molecules bonded together
c) two amino acid molecules bonded together
d) two starch molecules bonded together

How is a polymer of amino acids created?
a) dehydration synthesis reaction
b) hydrolysis reaction
c) covalent reaction
d) ionic bond reaction

What is a protein?
a) monomer of amino acids
b) polymer of amino acids
c) polymer of monosaccharides
d) monomer of monosaccharides

What elements are present in proteins?
a) C, H, O
b) C, H, O, N
c) C, H, O, P
d) C, H, O, N, S

Which of the following is NOT a function of proteins?
a) provide structure
b) provide transportation across cell membrane
c) provide vitamins
d) provide enzymes

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