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Metals are good conductors of electricity because
a) they can be shaped in wires
b) they are considered anions
c) the are considered cations
d) the have a sea of electrons that flows around the positively-charged protons

In metallic bonding, the electrons
a) are shared between two single atoms
b) are given to one atom by another atom
c) are in a sea around the protons of all of the metal atoms
d) are unable to move

If an atom donates or accepts an electron, what is it considered?
a) an ion
b) neutral
c) an isotope
d) protonated

An atom can be considered stable if it has
a) a full valence shell
b) six electrons in the valence shell
c) a valence shell that is one-half full
d) three electrons in the valence shell

What is the electrical charge of a cation?
a) positive
b) negative
c) no charge
d) no of the above

What is the electrical charge of an anion?
a) positive
b) negative
c) no charge
d) none of the above

What are the covalent bonds called that form between atoms with different electronegativities?
a) pure
b) ionic
c) uneven
d) polar

The maximum number of electrons in a valence shell is:
a) 2
b) 8
c) 18
d) 32

A covalent bond between two atoms occurs when the atoms
a) lose of gain electrons
b) share pairs of electrons
c) transfer valence electrons completely from one atom to another
d) have an electrical attraction between them

What is the basis of a metallic bond?
a) the attraction of metal ions for mobile electrons
b) the attraction between neutral metal atoms
c) the neutralization of protons by electrons
d) the attraction of oppositely-charged ions

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