DNA 2014 #1 Question Preview (ID: 17635)

DNA Basics.

Why is Iceland the perfect place to look for genes causing disease?
a) it is a secluded island
b) people there are all older than 25 years old
c) the climate makes it easier to study genes
d) all of the people that live there are probably related somehow

What does DNA stand for?
a) deoxyribosenucleic acid
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) deoxygenribonucleic acid
d) deoxyribonucleus acid

How many genes do humans have?
a) 30,000
b) 120,000
c) 23
d) 46

What is the basic difference between purines and pyrimidines?
a) purines are only found in DNA; pyrimidines are found in DNA and mRNA
b) purines are found only in male organisms
c) purines are double-ringed; pyrimidines are single-ringed
d) purines are single-ringed; pyrimidines are double-ringed

How many strands of nucleotides does mRNA have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What two organelles is DNA also found inside a cell?
a) chloroplasts and muscle
b) mitochondria and cytoplasm
c) mitochondria and chloroplasts
d) mitochondria and centrioles

What two scientists discovered the basic structure of DNA?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Nelson and Smith
c) Walsh and Neil
d) Crocket and Tubbs

Where in a cell are proteins made?
a) Golgi Apparatus
b) nucleus
c) ribosomes
d) ribose

The two sides of the DNA double-helix are held together by
a) sugars
b) ionic bonds
c) covalent bonds
d) hydrogen bonds

Base pairing rule states that the DNA of any species contains equal amount of cytosine and
a) adenine
b) thymine
c) guanine
d) iodine

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