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What was a characteristic of Texas during the Age of Oil?
a) Growth of urban areas
b) Growth of cattle drives
c) Decline of job opportunites
d) Decline of industrialization

The growth of the oil industry led to all of the following except
a) decline in the production of automobiles
b) increased employment opportunities
c) over 500 new companies being formed
d) an improved standard of living

How did the initial growth of the oil industry impact Texas state government?
a) The Texas Surveyor's Office was established to locate oil deposits
b) The Texas Railroad Commission was established to regulate and control oil prices
c) The Texas Energy Conservation Office was established to regulate oil deposit claims and usage
d) The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was established to regulate oil industry pollution.

Who were strong supporters of Populism in Texas during the 1890's?
a) women who desired the right to vote
b) factory workers who had poor working conditions
c) urban dwellers who wanted better living conditions
d) rural citizens who had not benefited from new industry

Which goal was the mission of of the League of United Latin American Citizens?
a) support the rights of Spanish speaking people
b) argue for new laws that improve factory conditions
c) campaign for the elimination of immigration quotas
d) improve relations with nations of Central and South America

How did WWI change the lives of many women in Texas?
a) many women entered the workforce
b) women finally gained the right to vote
c) women served as pilots and tank drivers
d) many women were allowed into state universities

How did the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 alter the economic development of Texas
a) The devestation caused a decade-long recession
b) Oil production never recovered to pre-hurrican levels
c) Major industries in Galveston moved inland to Houston
d) Cotton growers were forced out of Texas to find new distributors

Which industry contributed LEAST to the trend of urbanization in Texas during the early 20th century?
a) transportation
b) manufacturing
c) telecommunications
d) oil and gas productions

Which industry was most affected by the contributions of Howard Hughes Sr.?
a) petroleum
b) agriculture
c) transportation
d) communication

Which innovation contributed LEAST to the expansion of the petroleum industry in Texas during the early 20th century?
a) deep water drilling
b) rotary drill bits
c) offshore drilling
d) directional drilling

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