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Included the land between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains.
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Oregon Territory
d) Mexican Cession

This acquisition was the first piece of land that allowed the United States access to the Pacific Ocean, opening trade with the Eastern Hemisphere (Asia)
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Oregon Territory
d) Mexican Cession

This land was bought from Mexico in order to complete the Transcontinental Railroad, connecting the east coast to the west coast.
a) U.S. in 1783 - Following the Treaty of Paris
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) Adams-Onis Treaty

This acquisition, from Great Britian, created the 49th Parallel, which is still used as the border between the United States and Canada.
a) Convention of 1818
b) Adams-Onis Treaty
c) Texas Annexation
d) Mexican Cession

This acquisition doubled the size of the United States.
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Oregon Territory
c) Mexican Cession
d) Louisiana Purchase

In 1783, following the Treaty of Paris, the United States needed an organized way to add new states in the Northwest Territory, what was this called?
a) Adams-Onis Treaty
b) Emancipation Proclamation
c) Northwest Ordinance
d) Treaty of Ghent

What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War, granting the United States the southwestern territory of the U.S.
a) Treaty of paris
b) Treaty of Ghent
c) Treaty of 1812
d) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

This is the term used to justify the acquisition of Texas, Oregon Territory, and the Mexican Territory. It means that it is obvious that we will one day own this land.
a) Westward Expansion
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Migration
d) American experience

Prior to the Louisiana Purchase, how would you describe the land owned by the United States in 1783?
a) Between the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean
b) Between the Atlantic Ocean and Mississippi River
c) Between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains
d) Between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean

What was the piece of transportation technology that connected the East coast to the West coast?
a) Transcontinental Railroad
b) Steamboat
c) Cotton Gin
d) Telegraph

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