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The woman said, Now, now, boys, no need to look so glum. I know you don't understand what it means, but there's a depression going on all over this country. What does glum mean?
a) happy
b) cheerful
c) pleased
d) sad

It was like something was tellingme there was a message for me on this flyer but I didn't have the decoder ring to read what it was. What does decoder mean?
a) translator
b) scrambler
c) ravel
d) free

You can't be too sure, thoug, 'cause it shakes you up a whole lot more than grown folks think it does when perfectly good parts of your body commence to loosening up and falling off of you. What does commence mean?
a) terminates
b) stops
c) start
d) cease

What was going on in the United States during the time?
a) a cold war
b) an economic boom
c) a depression
d) a civil war

According to Bud, what was the worse thing that would happen to Bud's friend Jerry?
a) They would beat him.
b) They would make him play house.
c) They would lock him in the shed.
d) They wouldn't like him.

Bud's pretend family nickname?
a) Bugs
b) Jerry
c) Clarence
d) Eddie

At the beginning of the novel, Bud is sent to live with the Amos family at a(n)
a) orphange
b) foster-home
c) shelter
d) back home with his mother

Which character shoved a pencil up Bud's nose?
a) Bugs
b) Toddy
c) Jerry
d) Mr. Amos

Why does Bud have a list of rules and things?
a) he likes to tell people what to do
b) he doesn't have direction or support from anyone else, so he must rely on himself
c) he hopes to one day write about his adventures in life
d) all of the above

Boy, Mrs. Amos said, I am not the least bit surprised at your show of ingratitude. What does ingratitude mean?
a) grateful
b) hateful
c) not thankful
d) sad

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