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6th Grade Groundwater/surface Water Questions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the layer of an aquifer that does not allow water to pass through it?
a) the crust
b) impermeable layer
c) layer cake
d) permeable layer

Which of the following is precipitation?
a) clouds
b) lakes
c) rain
d) aquifers

The water table is...
a) the top of the saturated zone in an aquifer.
b) the botton of the saturated zone in an aquifer.
c) the table that you keep a glass of water on at night time.
d) the unsaturated zone.

Water easily flows through...
a) the core
b) Impermeable materials
c) the mantle
d) Permeable materials

Water become groundwater when...
a) precipitation seeps into the the recharge zone.
b) water evaporates from the surface of the earth.
c) water condenses to become clouds.
d) water collects in a cup.

The location where water runs off the land from higher locations to lower locations is called...
a) saturated zone
b) unsaturated zone
c) watershed
d) aquifer

Which of the following is a permeable material?
a) clay
b) metal
c) gravel
d) glass

Which of the following is an impermeable material?
a) clay
b) soil
c) gravel
d) sand

The saturated zone is filled with...
a) metal
b) water
c) clay
d) glass

Select an example of water pollution
a) fertilizers from agricultural sources get into a water source
b) trash left in a park
c) factories let out smoke
d) car emissions

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