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Bud carries a picture of his mother. What is she doing in the picture?
a) sitting on a horse, crying
b) holding Bud when he was first born
c) getting married to Bud's father
d) none of the above

Why doesn't Bud want anyone calling him Buddy?
a) Buddy is a dog's name
b) Buddy's is a name when someone is being pretend friendly
c) Bud's mom insisted he be called Bud
d) All of the above

How did Bud get revenge on Toddy?
a) he beat him up
b) he shoved a pencil up his nose
c) he made him wet the bed
d) all of the above

Why was Bud locked in the shed?
a) because Toddy's mom believed Toddy
b) because Toddy's mom thought Bud was beating up Toddy
c) because Toddy lied
d) all of the above

What did Bud see in the shed?
a) a spot of blood
b) a hornet's nest
c) dried-up fish heads
d) all of the above

Why did Toddy breathe like some kind of big animal was inside him?
a) he got really, really mad at Bud
b) he has asthma and was faking an asthma attack
c) he was pretending to have a heart attack
d) all of the above

What did Toddy tell his mother that Bud was going to do?
a) run away
b) steal something
c) wet the bed
d) all of the above

What was Bud afraid of when he lost a tooth?
a) that his arms, legs, or other parts might begin to fall off, too
b) that he will not get any money from the toooth fairy
c) that no teeth will ever grow back
d) all of the above

Why was Bud so interested in blue flyer?
a) it has the directions to the Amoses on it
b) he wants to see a band play
c) he thinks it is a picture of his father
d) all of the above

Why did Bud insist that Jerry was going to a better home than where he was going?
a) Jerry is going to a home with girls.
b) Bud is going to a home with an older boy.
c) Jerry's worst moments will be when he has to play house or be a baby.
d) All of the above

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