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Who attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?
a) Japan
b) Italy
c) Germany
d) France

Why did the United States join World War II?
a) Because the US was attacked by Adolf Hitler.
b) The US decided to help out France and Great Britian.
c) The US decided to attack Germany due to the Zimmerman Telegram.
d) After the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, it declared war against the Axis Powers.

What was the lend-lease act?
a) Where the United States 'lent' or 'leased' supplies to the Allies
b) Where the United States 'lent' or leased supplies to the Axis Powers
c) An act that allowed United States to lend or lease supplies from the Germans
d) An act that allowed the US to lend or lease supplies from Japan

The United States was a part of the ___________ Powers in WWII
a) Allied
b) Axis
c) Central
d) United

Where was the Bell Aircraft plant located in WWII?
a) Marietta
b) Douglasville
c) Savannah
d) Atlanta

How did Georgians contribute to World War II?
a) They trained soldiers and kept POWs at their bases.
b) They built cargo ships and used the transportation systems to ship goods for the war.
c) They built B-52 Bombers at the Bell Aircraft plant.
d) All of these answers are correct.

Who was the man who helped bring military bases and jobs to Georgia during WWII? He was a governor of Georgia.
a) Richard Russell
b) Carl Vinson
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Maynard Jackson

What is the name of the Georgian man who helped expand the US Navy? (Hint: He is given the name the 'Father of the Two-Ocean Navy.')
a) Carl Vinson
b) Richard Russell
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) James Oglethorpe

Which president lived in the 'Little White House' in Georgia? (Hint: he died at the Little White House before WWII ended.)
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Richard Russell
c) Jimmy Carter
d) Carl Vinson

What is the name given to the mass extermination of Jews by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany?
a) The Holocaust
b) World War II
c) Liberation
d) The Trail of Tears

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