Force, Energy, And Motion #1 Question Preview (ID: 1762)

Force, Energy, And Motion Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the ability to do work?
a) energy
b) money
c) time
d) all of the answers

What is the result of a force moving on an object through a distance?
a) work
b) time
c) energy
d) power

What are the two states of energy?
a) potential and kinetic
b) potential and easy
c) kinetic and falling
d) mechanical and kinetic

Name three common forms of energy.
a) electrical, mechanical, chemical
b) electrical, running, chemical
c) electrical, chemical, walking
d) mechanical, chemical, running

What word means the relationship of energy put out to accomplish work?
a) efficiency
b) energy work cycle
c) a pattern of work
d) money

The resistance to motion created by two objects moving against each other describes what?
a) friction
b) a habitat
c) energy
d) a ramp

What is produced by friction?
a) heat
b) money
c) a wet floor
d) energy

Unless a force acts on them, objects in motion tend to ______.
a) stay in motion
b) stop moving
c) get faster
d) get slower

Rubbing certain materials together produces _____.
a) static electricity
b) an explosion
c) a rough surface
d) nothing

What happens when static electricity is discharged in the atmosphere?
a) lightening
b) an explosion
c) money
d) a force

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