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Which is not a river in Asia?
a) Huang He
b) Yangtze
c) Nile
d) Indus

Which natural disaster describes a huge wave?
a) tsunami
b) typhoons
c) earthquakes
d) cyclones

Which vocabulary word describes a rainy season?
a) tropical
b) monsoon
c) flooding
d) equatorial

What mountain range is located in Asia?
a) Andes
b) Zagros Mountains
c) Rocky Mountains
d) HImalayas

Which country is not in Asia?
a) China
b) India
c) Egypt
d) Japan

What term explains the reason for active volcano activity along the Pacific?
a) Ring of Fire
b) Ring of Volcanoes
c) Ring of Heat
d) Ring of Lava

Identify a desert in Asia
a) Sahara
b) Gobi
c) Kalahari
d) Nafud

Which hemispheres is Asia located?
a) northeast
b) northwest
c) southeast
d) southwest

What term describes a group of islands?
a) delta
b) island
c) archipelago
d) peninsula

Which two oceans surround Asia?
a) Indian and Artic
b) Indian and Atlantic
c) Pacific and Atlantic
d) Pacific and Indian

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