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Why is it important to conserve fuels?
a) Fuels are natural resources that can be used up.
b) There are so many fuels that it is not possible to use them up.
c) Once fuel is recycled, it can never be used again.
d) Conserviing fuels helps scientists find new sources of energy.

What is one way to conserve natural resources?
a) by using less of them
b) by using as much of them as you can
c) by using them only once
d) by using more of them

What landform makes it possible for people to enjoy skiing in the Western region?
a) mountains
b) cold climate
c) snow
d) canyons

Which of these is a community in the Midwest region of the United States?
a) Cleveland, Ohio
b) Kauai, Hawaii
c) Tucson, Arizona
d) Bozeman, Montana

a natural resource that has never been alive
a) mineral
b) fuel
c) adobe
d) wood

What is the nickname for California?
a) Golden State
b) Gold State
c) Oil State
d) Sunshine State

What are the top two oil producing states?
a) Alaska and Texas
b) Alaska and Hawaii
c) Texas and Hawaii
d) California and Texas

Very high places can be
a) cold most of the time
b) warmer than places near the equator
c) cold in the winter and warm in the summer
d) milder than most other climates

Natural resources come from
a) the earth
b) the ocean
c) the southwest region
d) deepest mine

How is Angel's Camp, California different from Beaumont, Texas?
a) At Angel's camp they dig deep in the earth looking for gold.
b) At Angel's camp they drill looking for oil
c) Settlers moved to Angel's Camp during the Oil Rush
d) Settlers their found black gold

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