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Select the best definition for cycle of abuse.
a) the physical, emotional/mental, or verbal mistreatment of someone
b) the beating, hitting, or kicking of another person
c) the failure to meet a person's basic physical and emotional needs
d) a pattern of repeating abuse from one generation to the next

Which statement is false?
a) Pantsing someone is sexual harassment.
b) If a girl dresses in sexy clothes she is asking to be abused.
c) It is okay to let someone know they are attractive.
d) You can ask someone out on a date.

Which statement is true?
a) Girls are only abusive to boys.
b) Boys are only abusive to girls.
c) Girls are only abusive to other girls.
d) Girls can be abusive to other girls and to boys.

What are the three BEST ways to avoid abuse?
a) recognize it, report it, and resist it
b) ignore it
c) encourage it
d) tell a friend

sexual harassment is
a) being mean to someone
b) asking for sexual comments and actions
c) uninvited and unwelcome sexual conduct directed at another person
d) a nice thing to do

abuse and dating violence
a) is only when someone physically hurts you
b) can be physical/sexual, verbal, emotional, and neglect
c) can only be when someone isn't your friend
d) is respectful behavior

self respect
a) liking yourself
b) feeling goods about others and what they do
c) not liking yourself
d) positive feelings a person has about themselves when they live up to beliefs and values

sexual abstinence
a) choosing to have sex
b) following rules
c) choosing to not have sex
d) having friends

Which one of these is NOT a result of choosing to be sexually abstinent as a young teen?
a) getting a pregnant, an STD (sexually transmitted disease), dealing with unneeded stress
b) being teased because EVERYONE is having sex
c) disappointing your parents
d) being a good role model to other young teens

If you are sexually harassed, what should you do?
a) keep it a secret
b) tell only your best friend
c) tell a trusted adult
d) pretend it never happened

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