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The Earth is covered with _____ of water.
a) 97%
b) 3%
c) 20%
d) 71%

Water that is consumable is called _________ water.
a) Fresh
b) Potable
c) Salt
d) Glacial

The amount of salt in ocean water is called _______.
a) Potable
b) Fresh
c) Salinity
d) Oceans

The ocean located off the coast of Georgia is called the _______ Ocean.
a) Pacific
b) Arctic
c) Indian
d) Atlantic

Hawaii is located in the ______ Ocean.
a) Pacific
b) Arctic
c) Indian
d) Atlantic

What are the two main ways that the salinity can change in the ocean?
a) Temperature
b) Climate
c) Climate and Temperature
d) Fish

______ of water on Earth is Salt water.
a) 71%
b) 97%
c) 3%
d) 20%

Sea water is _______dense than fresh water.
a) More
b) Less
c) Same
d) Equal

______ is the most Northern ocean.
a) Atlantic
b) Indian
c) Arctic
d) Pacific

The ______ Ocean is located between Afica and Austrailia.
a) Atlantic
b) Arctic
c) Pacific
d) Indian

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