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Plate Tectonics And Continental Drift. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is subduction?
a) When two plates collide and one is pulled down into the earth.
b) When two continental crust collide and mountains form.
c) When a mid-ocean ridge forms.
d) When an earthquake occures at a plate boundary.

What type of boundary is found at the San Andreas Fault?
a) Convergant
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Tensional

Plants and trees roots helps to prevent __________ by holding the soil in place.
a) Erosion
b) Transpiration
c) Deposition
d) Condensation

Evidence that supported continental drift is:
a) Similar fossils on different continents
b) Puzzle like fit of continents
c) Climate
d) All of these

Why does the oceanic plate subduct when it collides with a continental plate?
a) The oceanic plate is less dense
b) The oceanic plate is more dense
c) The continental plate moves faster
d) The continental plate move is thinner

Which scientist developed the theory of plate tectonics?
a) Darwin
b) Mendel
c) Wegner
d) Sutton

What type of stress is found at convergent boundary?
a) Compression
b) Tension
c) Shearing
d) Transform

The Appalachains are an example of ________ mountains.
a) Fault-Block
b) Folded
c) Up-Warped
d) Syncline

The Hawaiian Islands were formed by a _____ .
a) Collision of 2 oceanic plates
b) Collision of 2 continental plates
c) Hot Spot
d) mid-ocean ridge

What type of boundary would you expect to see an ocean trench?
a) Convergent
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Strike-Slip

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